Sunday, March 31, 2013


Church is a place where people who agree w/ the same rules meet to aggrandize themselves while gossiping, and condescending the lot of those who disagree.

For life to be so intricate—earth’s position in this solar system—the lunar tide—why is ecstasy not spreading-out at the possibility of what-could-be?


Polemical's are intended to shock the static! 
There's no sense in following me, but you've got to start taking pride in your life!
Stop the narcotics!
Start being mindful of the media you intake.

You think this is just a game to play?
It's a ride for sure, but you're in-charge for now.
Imagine the fear in the Mind
of those who believe otherwise?!

A Few Words On Easter Sunday...

My parents always supported me practically, but never philosophically. I was told to go to church. I was told Jesus Christ would redeem my eternal Soul for the sins committed by the inept earthly Body which gave it a temporary home—as if ‘sin’ was something which would tarnish me—unless I followed the Christian word!
Sensual pleasures were especially taboo. It was a sin to indulge in earthly delights such as smoking cannabis, drinking beer or bourbon, having sex before marriage, to become mushroomed. Although it was perfectly acceptable to drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, watch TV, take prescription pills (as long as you adhere to the prescribed dose!). Doctors know best!
My parents don’t smoke cigarettes. They aren’t guilty of the aforementioned hypocrisies like the majority of those who call themselves Christian, and it makes me wonder why they bunch themselves w/ the rest. Christian is a popular moniker, made common by those who advocate it. Become aware, Christians, of those who adorn your name, and calumniate its worth!
Today is Easter Sunday. In the Christian Mythology, we are told that Christ rose today, after enduring an excruciating crucifixion. He rolled away the stone from his grave and ascended into Heaven. He promised the Key to the Kingdom to all those who followed his word—of course they would have to wait until Judgment Day to enter the gilded gates.
Christians are called to convert those of us who are other to their side, as if our very Soul is in jeopardy of eternal damnation! Hadn’t we better focus on the life at-hand? Forget converting anybody to anything other than Love and Enlightenment.
Mountaineers came to Appalachia for solitude and freedom. We didn’t agree w/ the stuffy strictures found in other parts of the early nation. We revered this land for its abundance, its fertility. You could hunt for wild game, fish the clean emerald rivers, forage for herbs roots and wild fruits—you had the freedom to choose your route in life w/o someone dictating your direction for you. Our environment provided sustenance. Of course, we had to put-in the hard work of building our community—or we could choose to live miles from anyone at all. What happened? Coal barons discovered how rich in minerals our land truly is, and established mining operations to rape the land and control the people. At a point, our entire livelihood was controlled by the coal company—the company had its own currency, and that currency is the compensation you received for your work.  While the mountain-strong people of Appalachia were busy making money for the Coal Barons, decimating changes were occurring. The rivers were being polluted by the mines. The land around the mines was the scene of abomination. The wildlife who called the area home witnessed their natural environment torn apart. The balance of the ecosystem depends on wildlife. Humans think they are so superior to other species, but we are the only species which destroys this earth which we inhabit. We need to forget about what happens in the next life. Frankly, we need to live as if this is the only life. Consider the possibility that there is nothing else. Perhaps there is, perhaps there isn't.  At this point in the evolution of life on earth, we need to become aware of what we are doing, and take responsibility for our actions.
It is not too late to change and repair our world. We need to admit our mistakes. We should be ashamed of them, but we cannot let an injury to our pride prevent us from admitting what we are clearly doing wrong, and making changes to correct our behavior.  It is palpable to those of us w/ eyes to see that coal is not clean, is not efficient, and is not even in the ballpark of intelligence. It is, however, the way the Coal Barons stay rich. They are willing to sabotage human evolution to gain more worldly currency. Ironically enough, Coal is deeply intertwined w/ Christianity.
Beware: do not just listen to me. Do your own research. Be very careful of the sources you actually believe. You are the only person who can discern truth for yourself.  I have compulsion to write. It makes sense for me. It comes naturally. I am not all-knowing. I do passionately care about Appalachia, as it is my home, and want to spread awareness of the issues we face. We have to unite. We have to resolve to fix our home. Progress will become easier to accomplish if we forget about making money and gaining converts. This life. This planet. One chance.