Friday, May 24, 2013

I am the diplomat for Art. Specializing in language arts.

I went on a walk w/ my dog…

Honeysuckle breeze
Light and lofty
in the air

I ride the waves
Sweet Zephyr breathes
w/o a care

The words
are Poetry
if the ear

can hear.
This is no celebrity
Spring is fresh life
You stretch your new legs
And give em a try

You are in your prime.

Open your eyes
From illusion

Succumb to the warm enchantment,
It will bless your heart w/ zeal!

Hail the red ball
In the morning

Sanguine life

Celebrate your

Wear the chest
Of a cardinal

Is best


This is the character
Of my Poem.

Psychology of
The Poet.

I is another.

Whatever we are
As Life,
Not as humans,
But as Life,
Exists forevermore.

But as humans
Our dreams and visions

My form
Is an infinite spiral

I guarantee
Nothing at all

Open am I
To Possibility in Life

There is a flow designed
To ride

Come along!

I can’t show you
The womb world

You must travel there

There is a beach called Diamond
If we can find it
We’ll adjoin as one.
Well I’ve met mine

She is draped in purple cloth
Cut of the richest folds

Meshed in the soft swoon
Under a silver moon
At the silent azure grove

w/in us

become more
than you thought


The only limit
Is what you set—
What if you set none?

The question mark
Looms o’er your head
Black as nothingness
Many flock to that pond
I flock to my own

I discovered
A murmuring stream

Running thru
The high alcove

Few will venture here
Where rests my abode

And river stones

I watch them
Drink stagnation

From the pond
Down below

Perspective shows me
Not to stoop to their level

Black morass of dead bugs
And mildewy vegetation

Provides the dregs
w/ their swill

while I
sip the flow of refreshment

Have you ever wished to know

Who the Poet is?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Give What I've Been Given

Peace is powerful.
I learned that we never
step in the same river

I watch it flow
thru storied canyons
of lime.

I'm adding
my story
to the flowing script they sing
at the Poet's Parade!
Have you danced below
the heady moonlight
on Walpurgis Night?

The scenes
will recur
eternal more.

There's a silver wine brewed
in the soft azure groves
where you can stretch-out, lay low.

I dipped my pen
into the ink of that flow
and became a fountain of poetry.

Have you witnessed
a man shattered
when he gazes into the mirror?

Our vital force
has origin
in one source.

I see my reflections
in those deemed

I don't fight for
church or state,
I fight for earth!

I don't believe
it is instinct
to fight.

I believe
cultural boundary-lines
are the stuff of war.

Once you gain
the knowledge
of Light,


Masks and Shadows
are singed
by the Light.

You might want to
go ahead
and draw the shades.

The Truth
will scald you,
and destroy your flesh


you wear
fake skin.
Acid corrodes
the veil
you hide behind.

Now bewildered by the Truth
where you were
black w/ lies.

The Key to the Kingdom
inside your head.

If you don't know that,
what do you know
about yourself?

Are you controlled
as slaves

I know,
if I could cast

one single stone
and ripple out,

I'd want the Poem
to infect like a germ
of Inspiration!

I wish to bestow
Music and Rhythm.

I wish to bestow
good times and feelings.

Cool and Smooth
is the ride we'll take.

No hurry to find
our Destiny.

She has a Mind
of her own.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Preserve Wilderness

Today I traveled to the local getaway. I go to this particular spot because I revere it. This is one of the few places I have ventured where I can rest. I can relax--become off-guard. And today, courtesy was violated. 
It disturbs me to witness such wanton desecration. To blatantly throw your trash on the ground, especially when there are garbage-cans surrounding the perimeter, is fucking despicable! If you have ever witnessed the sparkling laughter of a child as she runs thru the green meadow, her puppy-dog to her side, you would understand what a heinous act it is to litter pristine land. You cannot tarnish it--no matter the decadence you strew across it. The Universe is more powerful than the human species can comprehend.
If we don't clean-up our act, we could easily be disposed of--w/o celestial hesitation! You think this is the end? We are blurbs on a chain of being. We are a soap-bubble bursting. Each flying shard of shrapnel could carry the fruit of Life. It could land in loamy soil. I imagine the flowering of a new world. A world where the contents of your wallet don't define your value. The world of my vision is too immaculate to allow littering. I am viewing this earth. 
Preserve Wilderness. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

And I Picked For Her Wildflowers...

There are many pieces to the puzzle. A mosaic is comprised of diversity. At times, anger is prominent. The writer is fueled by emotion. Emotion is raw energy--unfiltered. You can become an unstoppable river of Power, but have you mastered Trust? 
Energy can be spiteful, can be anxious, can be desperate. Do you trust your ability to let go, to succumb to Fate? There is a wise flow, unknown, and it sings. Its music has ushered Poetry into existence for centuries. W/o trust, the writer cannot write. The words will not come if there is a palpable lack of faith--and nothing can hide from this Eye. It has been viewed as dangerous to believe in extraordinary guidance. But isn't that a rather mundane perspective?

Simple bouquet
Purple, white, yellow
Wildflowers from a meadow

Natural bouquet
To a girl
from her fellow

Gathered where
the breeze is
lilac and honeysuckle

Sweet symphony of sensation
Sensorium of Nature
Hand-picked and transplanted

Become enraptured, my Sweet,
and unfurl along the light,
the lofty zones of Imagination.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Build A Statue To Honor Marshall McLuhan

Suppress the truth
w/ entertainment

Give them a tube
to suck media thru

Make spectacle

Give them violence and sex,
rape, murder, incest--

If it's the news
running thru their head

they'll be insensitive
to it on the street.

when they see their brother
beaten-down and suff'ring

they won't entertain
a second glance

do away w/ subtlety
destroy nuance

bludgeon them
in the head

w/ advertisements,
obligate them to buy more

if they don't,
they will feel poor!

even tho there's green water
snaking thru the canyon

eagles gleaming
in noon-day sun

azure sea
and crystal sky

words will fly
until i die

and then another
will soar

from where my horizon

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Between The Lines..

I am the lizard
sunning my belly--
belly of the bard.
have fun in the city,
have soul in the country.
these answers are yours
dispense w/ them wisely.

I remember singing hymnals
in the green carpet pues
i first learned to smell
hypocrisy, there.
i actually believed
i was praising my savior--
i felt a connection
to the Infinite,
and i'm still in dismay
at the audacity of Christians.

i can only write these odes
to misery, to ecstasy.
they are my flights of pure
nothing skewed or censored.

a glimpse of raw music

a primal beat
a primal heart
society was
doomed from the start

too much diversity
to standardize Reality

we reject your pills to
keep us numb

if we don't feel
we'd sooner die

than live
a lie

give me pain
give me tragedy

you can keep your TV
and the vegetable morass

when i die
i will be free

Death will only consummate
my authenticity...

A Day In The Life

Dew-wet grass dampens my feet,
green blades slide underneath--
I walk the lawn w/ a puppy
who better pee!

Our home is not a
Sanctuary of Waste,
but you wouldn't know it

If she wasn't so lively and sweet,
if I didn't admire her playful tenacity,
if I wasn't softened by her head-nuzzling--
O Earth-Mother help me!

But I gain a sense of peace
from the song-bird choir,
my environment blazing green,
alive w/ color!

In living color, I breathe.
Forget reticence in Poetry.
You need an occasion just to speak?
Does mundane blood flow thru your veins?

I think not, Human!
Grow up, Child!
Still, cultivate your Imagination.
Solve moral conundrums

at the workshop
in your head.
All the knowledge of Evolution
resides in your head.