Friday, May 24, 2013

I am the diplomat for Art. Specializing in language arts.

I went on a walk w/ my dog…

Honeysuckle breeze
Light and lofty
in the air

I ride the waves
Sweet Zephyr breathes
w/o a care

The words
are Poetry
if the ear

can hear.
This is no celebrity
Spring is fresh life
You stretch your new legs
And give em a try

You are in your prime.

Open your eyes
From illusion

Succumb to the warm enchantment,
It will bless your heart w/ zeal!

Hail the red ball
In the morning

Sanguine life

Celebrate your

Wear the chest
Of a cardinal

Is best


This is the character
Of my Poem.

Psychology of
The Poet.

I is another.

Whatever we are
As Life,
Not as humans,
But as Life,
Exists forevermore.

But as humans
Our dreams and visions

My form
Is an infinite spiral

I guarantee
Nothing at all

Open am I
To Possibility in Life

There is a flow designed
To ride

Come along!

I can’t show you
The womb world

You must travel there

There is a beach called Diamond
If we can find it
We’ll adjoin as one.
Well I’ve met mine

She is draped in purple cloth
Cut of the richest folds

Meshed in the soft swoon
Under a silver moon
At the silent azure grove

w/in us

become more
than you thought


The only limit
Is what you set—
What if you set none?

The question mark
Looms o’er your head
Black as nothingness
Many flock to that pond
I flock to my own

I discovered
A murmuring stream

Running thru
The high alcove

Few will venture here
Where rests my abode

And river stones

I watch them
Drink stagnation

From the pond
Down below

Perspective shows me
Not to stoop to their level

Black morass of dead bugs
And mildewy vegetation

Provides the dregs
w/ their swill

while I
sip the flow of refreshment

Have you ever wished to know

Who the Poet is?


  1. Hi. I was wondering: could I interview you via email for Yahoo voices?

    I was at the opening of the Gallery Saturday. I liked your speech.

  2. First of all: thank you, I'm glad you liked it. I have been reading your poems--I find the language nourishing and fresh.

    "Where is home?

    Language that is chameleon:
    This passion which is mortal,

    I find solace in the poem as well.

    Before I get carried away, and unfold my language, I'd like to invite you to ask me anything--I'd be delighted to answer.


  3. Thank you! So excited to get to know you better. And thank you for the compliment to my writing. :) I'm currently working on an article called "The Evolution of Appalachian Culture". As you can imagine it's a monster subject and coming slowly. I love to write about fellow poets as well. Do you have an email address through which we can converse?

    I'm on FB at

  4. I started a new blog yesterday: Thought you might be interested.