Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Give What I've Been Given

Peace is powerful.
I learned that we never
step in the same river

I watch it flow
thru storied canyons
of lime.

I'm adding
my story
to the flowing script they sing
at the Poet's Parade!
Have you danced below
the heady moonlight
on Walpurgis Night?

The scenes
will recur
eternal more.

There's a silver wine brewed
in the soft azure groves
where you can stretch-out, lay low.

I dipped my pen
into the ink of that flow
and became a fountain of poetry.

Have you witnessed
a man shattered
when he gazes into the mirror?

Our vital force
has origin
in one source.

I see my reflections
in those deemed

I don't fight for
church or state,
I fight for earth!

I don't believe
it is instinct
to fight.

I believe
cultural boundary-lines
are the stuff of war.

Once you gain
the knowledge
of Light,


Masks and Shadows
are singed
by the Light.

You might want to
go ahead
and draw the shades.

The Truth
will scald you,
and destroy your flesh


you wear
fake skin.
Acid corrodes
the veil
you hide behind.

Now bewildered by the Truth
where you were
black w/ lies.

The Key to the Kingdom
inside your head.

If you don't know that,
what do you know
about yourself?

Are you controlled
as slaves

I know,
if I could cast

one single stone
and ripple out,

I'd want the Poem
to infect like a germ
of Inspiration!

I wish to bestow
Music and Rhythm.

I wish to bestow
good times and feelings.

Cool and Smooth
is the ride we'll take.

No hurry to find
our Destiny.

She has a Mind
of her own.

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