Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Preserve Wilderness

Today I traveled to the local getaway. I go to this particular spot because I revere it. This is one of the few places I have ventured where I can rest. I can relax--become off-guard. And today, courtesy was violated. 
It disturbs me to witness such wanton desecration. To blatantly throw your trash on the ground, especially when there are garbage-cans surrounding the perimeter, is fucking despicable! If you have ever witnessed the sparkling laughter of a child as she runs thru the green meadow, her puppy-dog to her side, you would understand what a heinous act it is to litter pristine land. You cannot tarnish it--no matter the decadence you strew across it. The Universe is more powerful than the human species can comprehend.
If we don't clean-up our act, we could easily be disposed of--w/o celestial hesitation! You think this is the end? We are blurbs on a chain of being. We are a soap-bubble bursting. Each flying shard of shrapnel could carry the fruit of Life. It could land in loamy soil. I imagine the flowering of a new world. A world where the contents of your wallet don't define your value. The world of my vision is too immaculate to allow littering. I am viewing this earth. 
Preserve Wilderness. 

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