Thursday, April 25, 2013

Between The Lines..

I am the lizard
sunning my belly--
belly of the bard.
have fun in the city,
have soul in the country.
these answers are yours
dispense w/ them wisely.

I remember singing hymnals
in the green carpet pues
i first learned to smell
hypocrisy, there.
i actually believed
i was praising my savior--
i felt a connection
to the Infinite,
and i'm still in dismay
at the audacity of Christians.

i can only write these odes
to misery, to ecstasy.
they are my flights of pure
nothing skewed or censored.

a glimpse of raw music

a primal beat
a primal heart
society was
doomed from the start

too much diversity
to standardize Reality

we reject your pills to
keep us numb

if we don't feel
we'd sooner die

than live
a lie

give me pain
give me tragedy

you can keep your TV
and the vegetable morass

when i die
i will be free

Death will only consummate
my authenticity...

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