Friday, April 26, 2013

Build A Statue To Honor Marshall McLuhan

Suppress the truth
w/ entertainment

Give them a tube
to suck media thru

Make spectacle

Give them violence and sex,
rape, murder, incest--

If it's the news
running thru their head

they'll be insensitive
to it on the street.

when they see their brother
beaten-down and suff'ring

they won't entertain
a second glance

do away w/ subtlety
destroy nuance

bludgeon them
in the head

w/ advertisements,
obligate them to buy more

if they don't,
they will feel poor!

even tho there's green water
snaking thru the canyon

eagles gleaming
in noon-day sun

azure sea
and crystal sky

words will fly
until i die

and then another
will soar

from where my horizon

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