Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Day In The Life

Dew-wet grass dampens my feet,
green blades slide underneath--
I walk the lawn w/ a puppy
who better pee!

Our home is not a
Sanctuary of Waste,
but you wouldn't know it

If she wasn't so lively and sweet,
if I didn't admire her playful tenacity,
if I wasn't softened by her head-nuzzling--
O Earth-Mother help me!

But I gain a sense of peace
from the song-bird choir,
my environment blazing green,
alive w/ color!

In living color, I breathe.
Forget reticence in Poetry.
You need an occasion just to speak?
Does mundane blood flow thru your veins?

I think not, Human!
Grow up, Child!
Still, cultivate your Imagination.
Solve moral conundrums

at the workshop
in your head.
All the knowledge of Evolution
resides in your head.

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