Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Meditation Is A Stoic Statue...

Meditation is a
stoic statue
w/ interior locomotion.

Serene is
spangling emerald river
unabashedly flowing.

There's a peace
to be found
in the chaos never-ending.

Succumb to
the Wisdom Design,
and laugh at the illusion of control.

There is a flow
which carved
thru Mountains.

If you are struggling
to find an answer--
go to the river.

Forget the human oracles
unless they are preaching:
Explore yourself and actualize the discovery.

Only you can discover
your gift--
others may be able to see it in you.

There is an eye
under this skin--
People judge me like
I'm the blue-ribbon pig
of the fair.

To the shareholders
and stockbrokers,
my talents are gross to witness.

But the goodly country folk
award my brutal honesty, and
encourage my triumph.

I'm not afraid to 
roll 'round in the muck
because I get super clean.

Beware my gleam
in the summer sun
w/ the river unreeling.

They are not my constituents
who attempt to misconstrue
the image of the Mountains.

I must restore Pride
and Joy
to the fertile soil.

Imagine what may bloom!
Appreciate the simple boon
of breath and blood.

What if Mountaineers
revered these hills?

What if we fought
Big Coal and 
Big Pharma?

your backbones

If we don't change and
we'll be left for dead.

Coal towns are
ghost towns who
don't accept and evolve.

Pills are a 
numbing agent
to keep you dull and docile.

Hollow tyrants 
w/ vaults full of currency,
are afraid of Creativity.

Think beyond
and change the world
or die in the shadows

of changeable decadence.

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