Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Welcome Progress

From : And now our (totally optional) prompt! Early on in the month, I asked you to write a valediction — a poem of farewell. Today, let’s try the opposite, and write poems of greeting. There’s lots of things you could greet. The spring? Your new stapler? A favorite classmate? An addition to the menu at your local cafe? The subject’s up to you — now get out there and say “hello!”

I want to welcome the fruition of Progress. I'm not speaking about the gross scale of technological advancement. I welcome a tactile change in the very livelihood of Populace Earth.
Inhabitants deserve an egalitarian government. None of us asked for birth here--at least not to our conscious knowledge--none of us was given the choice. 

Do you know that 1% of the population in America owns 40% of the wealth? There are so many diagrams, charts, and graphs to view from the safety of your comfy couch or favorite lazy-chair, if I mentioned Infinite Possibility would you even care? 
What would it take to become aware? Another Holocaust? Another assassination of an MLK? How many times must a Messenger speak-out before he is heard? 
Heed the Word: Progress approaches!

We should consider it a blessing, and an honor to take the form of this Human body. We must appreciate the heaven available to our Senses! What a play-ground to roam! 

I am burdened to relay the tragic myopia seen in this image, but w/ the strength of a Tyger, I'll grin and bear it. 

I have never witnessed such a dangerous and destructive mentality. If we aren't going to care for this Earth, who will? If you are so pious and godly, why not becomes stewards of said god's creation? Are you praying for Death? Is it so bad here? Are you preaching for the end? Do you desire for your Revelations to occur? Can you be so foolish as to overlook Eden-manifest? 

Humans have been blessed w/ incredible powers of observation, ingenuity, and imagination. We create the future, and we make discoveries from Nature's design. The winged design of birds led to our aviation by air-plane.  The spiral is a symbol of Journeying. Perpetual motion. Our double-helix (DNA). 

Why should we settle for the beliefs of the past? Our environment has new demands. Responsibility. Cultivating a symbiotic relationship w/ our environment is primary--goal number one.

If we want to call this society civilized it is about goddamn time we show it! Stop the masquerade!
You can stop supporting fast-food and start growing a garden, helping a friend in their garden, patronizing farmer's markets, or even developing an actualized awareness of what you do eat. Consumption. What do you eat?
The Sustainability Initiative needs to become the priority of all Earth. Our planet is becoming decadent, and Humanity is to blame.

Scale it down to your individual perspective for a moment... 
Imagine witnessing one single human sit atop a hill, and bask in halcyon sunlight. Fruit trees flourish his hill. He has stockpiled casks of the headiest beer, dried meat, smoked cheese, herbs and roots for tea--now appearing is an angel of a girl by his side--his sweet Symmetry! The Mandala of his Vision...
What if he, in all his lush abundance and prevalence--when asked by you--denied you the opportunity to share in his dominion of prosperity? He thinks himself superior because his skill of accumulation?.?. 

What a meager action. He doesn't appreciate his own breath of life. 
A real man will support his family. A sack-of-shit man will deny him the opportunity.

With sanguine strength and resilience, my reader, we shall overcome them.

Welcome Progress!

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