Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The Night illuminated by star-light.
Lightning storms rumble--thunder echoes thru the valley.
Pulsating light cracks the sky,
and the heat-mist becomes alive and visible for a moment.

At the Mtn. top,
it is only open air.
No ceiling to bear
its hideous lid--
plenty of room
to imagine.

Like a whip
to the back,
thunder cracks!
Pink bolts sizzle.
The purple air
swells w/ heat.
You can smell rain
in the air, but it hasn't
come yet.

I imagine I
am Caduceus--
the symbol of health and vigor.
This sanguine storm rumbling thru
my Mind is alive on the outside.
The decibels make glass shatter.
Imagine harnessing such power,
and focusing it.
Build a prism, not a prison.
Shine and give, don't trap the light.

Snakes w/ wings.
Red, sanguine.
Thunder rolls, lightning strikes.

Toil hath made me weary.
I'm alright--I need some sleep.
It is time to Dream.
Something inside
stays awake all the time,
even if you
never wake-up
to pay attention.

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