Sunday, April 14, 2013

Herald of Justice

From : And now, our prompt. Today’s should be fun — I hope. I challenge you to write a persona poem — that is, a poem in the voice of a particular person who isn’t you. But I’d like you to choose a very particular kind of person. How about a poem in the voice of a superhero (or a supervillain)? Comic book characters are very much like mythological characters — they tend to embody big-picture values or personality traits. Good or bad. Loyal or disloyal! (Heck — some comic book characters are mythologial characters — think of Thor). And like mythological characters, superheroes and supervillains let us tap into deep-seated cultural tropes. So go for it. Whether you identify with Batman, Robin or – gulp – the Joker, let’s hear your poems in another voice. Happy writing!

Herald of Justice
I've witnessed street-scum parade thru my city, 
never having to answer for their injustices.
"The river runs red
down the legs of the city".
Their misdoings will be paid for
by blood sacrifice.
And if they won't offer it willingly,
blood will be cut from their veins!

Do not repent to a god which has shunned you.
Repent to your fellow humans.
Ask your brothers and sisters to forgive you--
rapists, murderers, drug-addicts, thieves!
They too may shun you.
And you'll just have to bleed.

Did you really think you could
sell narcotics to misguided youth
and not have to answer to me?

I am the Herald of Justice!
A vigilante of sorts--
let's rob the rich 
and save the poor!

Did you really think you could
embezzle money all week,
and be saved on Sunday?
Stupid pigs! Go play dead
in your money-market pig-pen.
I'll check your bodies before I leave
to make sure you aren't suffering.
My mercy be praised!
For your kind has injected
a torpor in media.
Do not hate the masses for
their stupidity or ignorance.
Give them a chance to see truth,
and make decisions for themselves!
Control sets the truly wise
against you.

Did you really think you could
take your money out of coal,
invest in natural gas, use tree-huggers 
as a distraction, and not answer to me?
The coal miners can adapt to other jobs.
The tree-huggers realize that trees
produce oxygen. You want to turn the miners
against people who are trying to save the planet?
I relinquish my mercy on you.
Your bloodless bodies
will become the flags of Justice--
Get down on your knees and beg 
Humankind for forgiveness!
You think your knavery
and deep pockets can keep you safe.
An audaciously foolish idea.
Tell Humankind you are sorry
for raping the planet!

I am the Herald of Justice.
I work for Humankind.
I seek-out the coal barons,
the money-hounds and money-whores
of Wall-street, 
the corporate elite,
the bureaucracy,
the preachers of dogma and control,
the media moguls,
those w/ a false sense of enlightenment, of entitlement.
If they won't repent to their fellow Humans,
and ask forgiveness for their wretchedness,
they will pay w/ blood--
Herald of Justice!