Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A River Song

I ain't one thing or another.
Never try to fix my flow.
It don't make no sense to hold-on.
So you might as well let-go.

Let go, let go,
Come down to the river and float!
We're just a troupe of wanderin' strangers
Sailing on our drunken boats!

Let go, let go,
Lie in the Lethe and soak--
The bower which forgets its way
Finds it all in one stroke.

Jaded are the straight roads.
Damned and crooked is my Soul.
But I don't waste no time on
What might happen when I go!

I let go, I let go,
Rollin' the Chaos road.
Splendid emerald is the flow.
Relax, observe, and roll.

I let go, I let go,
Throw all weight overboard.
What weighs you down, holds you back--
Let go, and find yourself free and ecstatic!

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