Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ink & Scroll Still Thrive In the Digital Age

There is a process to writing. Each writer has a different style of doing it. The important thing is to find your's and use it--that's when you become efficient in getting your message out to the reader. It becomes real, natural, smooth~

I'm still new to blogging. Daily, I become more attuned to the tech-tools at my disposal. I'm a classic Poet--my Metamorphosis was nurtured early on the heady milk of the Romantics. For a while, I thought Blake had already recorded every message I desired to. I stayed diligent, and the unknown forces at-play sent me my own words to say. (Perhaps they were already written for me).

I started-out practically copying Goethe and Nietzsche. The style and vigor of their language caused me to swoon for days, and wake-up w/ ink on my face! If you've never read Faust or Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and you want to know what the word masterpiece means, you must set aside time to succumb to their mastery.

It began on notebooks w/ pens. And it was Philosophy--spouting about Nietzsche and Blake. Hero-worship. And then I got it. I don't mean intellectually. That wasn't their message. It was something visceral--an urge to trust my instincts and write my truth and beauty. Your duty is to balance either side, but remember: Passion is your vitality.

W/ a pen, words flow effortlessly. The Infinite Universe would cackle madly if I was seriously trying! I act from the information my senses continuously gather. To some information, you have a natural attraction. Still yet, some information repulses you. This too is only natural. It is alright to admit repulsion. Only then can you discover your hang-up. The key is to accept your repulsion, and let it go. Stay focused on the things which exhilarate you, and you'll find peace and positivity.

I've transplanted this information from my scroll, onto my blog. My process begins w/ a tactile approach. I enjoy holding a leather-bound book--reading then becomes a sensual experience. Although computers--from desktops to tablets--allow us to share information at light-speed. The speed at which we can develop networks has been the greatest allure for me to become more tech-savvy. The writing itself must be sensual. Feel this resonance. The juxtaposition of words and images is easy on the internet. Pictures reinforce your actual message, and you can Google an image of anything!

It's late. I have work in the morning. And I need to take the dog outside. At least I can watch the moon and stars sickle the black night.

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