Saturday, April 13, 2013

Serenity Poems

From : And now our (totally optional) prompt. Yesterday’s prompt of saying what you’d never say was sort of a doozy — rather emotionally intense, I think, for a lot of you! So for today, let’s relax. Your prompt for today is simply to take a walk. Make notes — mental or otherwise — on what you see on your walk, and incorporate these notes into your poem. A bit more serene and observational than yesterday, and hopefully a nice, calming poem to begin your weekend with. Happy writing!
First Movement
Listen to the music
                in the wind.
Such is the sound 
              of Poetry, 
my Dear.

World: how long is
             your attention span?
If you take time 
             to relieve stress
you'll find you become
             more productive.

Second Movement
The Eagle glides
        thru the trees.
He doesn't even
        flap his wings.
Solemnly smooth demeanor--
        he floats the currents
of the Breeze.

On unprecedented precedent,
         he finds the waves
to rise upon.
Coolly climbing
          thru azure sea
like the Sun
          at Dawn.

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