Monday, April 8, 2013


It must be an election year—
They are working on the roads.

The rest of the time
They forget about Mtn. folk.                                               

They know how passionate we are
When we rally for a cause—

I reckon some stuffed-turkey politician
Is lookin’ to secure some votes!

Only when they need us
Do they call.

Otherwise they sit back
With smug-rotten stares
Viewing us as rednecks
Who run barefoot thru the woods…
                                                What’s wrong with that?

We want a skin-to-dirt connection
With our earth.

Keep pursuing the hollow vacuum
Of ritzy gold watches
Of exquisite automobiles
Packaged with the most luxurious technologies—

Your Italian silk suit is fine!
I’d be surprised
If it wasn’t worth more coin
Than my entire wardrobe

Would it shock you to learn
That I don’t care?


I'll re-visit this one soon and add more content, but I just wanted to publish it and get the message out there.

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