Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lightly Seared on the Reality Grill

Today is the fourth day of National Poetry Writing Month. From their website (  Our prompt for today (again — totally optional!) is a little odd, but here goes. Recently, I read an article about the Scottish science fiction writer Iain M. Banks. His books often have spaceships in them. And those spaceships have extremely odd, poetic names.
So your challenge for today is to write a poem with a title drawn from one of these spaceship names.

Lightly Seared on the Reality Grill
It is better to have skin like a pig
when you're born into this world.
How lovely it is to observe fair
and silken gentleness,
but how quickly it is burnt to a crisp
on the Reality Grill.

I'll take my meat and potatoes--
save the frill
for someone who has time to waste.
Busy men want it upfront.
No deal
if you're gonna try to jerk me around.

Too many readers yawn themselves to sleep
over what is advertised as Poetry.
Give me a sock to the gut
over a slap in the jaw.
Dainty cappuccino
is too sugary for my taste--that's all.
For me: bold and rich roast, dark as night,
and filled w/ antioxidants.

I don't want to rust,
I want my skin to be tough!
For however long I must
endure my sentence to be seared
on the Reality Grill.
For I leave you w/ this:
It is better to feel
than be numb.
No matter what you face--
Lightly seared or charred to a crisp--
forget the pills, and feel
until your last breath.

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