Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Afternoon

I knew a man.
He said he was an Assassin.
He used to practice on vixens who had no luck.
When he got too drunk, he painted the bar red.
Patrons fled.
I guess he changed the world.

I knew an old hag.
She kept human eye-balls in a purple velvet bag.
She made her home in the gnarl of a tree.
When it rained, her ceiling leaked.--
What a drag!
I guess she was too blind to see.

I knew a young man.
He was obsessed w/ Dreams.
He would meditate and build worlds in his head far beyond worldly reach.
When he aged, he shot himself in the head.
Dreams can't buy bread.
I guess the world never met his ideal.

I knew a young lady.
She was Prom Queen.
She appeared to have the world in the palm of her hand.
When she was behind closed doors, she puked her dinner.
What is as it seems?
I guess her mask hid reality.

I knew a Philosopher.
He didn't have a coin to spare.
He didn't care.
When they flocked to church, he blessed the sheep.
He was finished w/ cursing. It became too heavy.
I guess he shed his skin.

I knew another man.
He said he was a guru.
He told me I could become enlightened if I listened to him.
When the session was over, a Buddha bloomed in my head.
I ate the lotus-flower, transcended to lotus-land, and now all idols are dead.
I guess nirvana fills the emptiness.


Today, Poets were prompted to fabricate a poem. Tell a "whopper".
Mull it over. Writhe in these scenes. Soak them into your skull and dance in celebration
of the power of Imagination.

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