Sunday, April 7, 2013

What Is A Hippie?

At first glance, you may think happy-go-lucky, peace and love. You may think lazy bum. And of course this matter depends upon your perspective. But what I want to get to the heart of here, is why the word hippie or hippy, is now a word w/o value.
In the 1960's, a definite counter-culture sprouted like a powerful flower in America. Enlightened people carried their hearts on their sleeve, because they had hope in their Mind. There was a realization among the youth, that the family values they were taught growing-up were incredibly misguided attempts--by the elders of church and state--to control thought. The CIA administered LSD to unwitting citizens on the streets of Haight-Ashbury district, heinously experimenting w/ mind-control. Some unspeakably vile force wanted to uproot the flower--no matter the poison it took! The good Dr. Thompson poetically meditated his own vision of the cresting wave which rolled back.
That's all in the past. There is nothing we can change about it. We can repair the future world by becoming aware of our responsibility today! And why would we not think beyond ourselves? Why would we be so foolishly selfish and Mindless? Awareness is the key to unlocking our Destiny!
Perhaps I am the fool, only time will tell. In the mean time, I believe in optimism. I believe in the potential of the Brain. We have dis-ease in our Consciousness. It's labels learned from TV and magazines. What does that symbol mean? What is a hippie?
If a male is long-haired, he's a hippie. Or so goes the mentality you find in most popular media. It is an easy scapegoat. If you stare into the eyes of the Unknown, just call him a hippie and your ego might not shatter! Does it thirst for comfort? Will you protect it from disillusion, even if it means denying the one-lifetime chance of experience? I know many of you are sarcastic bastards, and some of you are just plain bastards. And you will hurl the hippie's at me for jokes, or because you're fucking mindless, but all is in good humor. We are all allowed to form Perspective. Some of us choose to create elaborate mosaics of our experience, and draw from the well of diversity. Get your water from the common stagnant pond!--I'll drink from the sanguine flow.
I spent the majority of my formative years angry. Angry at the state of the world, at the hypocrisy I found in piety. I carried the burden of hatred around on my shoulders--some part of me felt like Atlas, felt compelled to stabilize the world. For all its noble intention, this type of behavior has driven me into the dirt of depression at times. Still, at other times, I have been manic w/ the zeal of ecstasy! But hatred is too heavy. Those who believe they are tough don't understand how hatred ravages their Body w/ stress, and deludes their Mind from clarity.
Growing my hair became a physical representation of my spiritual growth. And while some will scoff at spirituality, there is something inside them that they have not found. Perhaps they are afraid they will find Peace and Love, and their comfortable infrastructure will collapse. But I tell you now--when you sit amongst the rubble of your old selfish skins, now torn to bits--peace and freedom will assuage you. Let go of the hatred and set yourself free. You think it fuels you. You think you are powerless w/o it. This is not true. Hatred makes your Mind opaque. It weighs you down, and keeps you from spreading your wings.
I am not a hippie. The word means nothing now. Words like hippie and God are de-valuing decade after decade. And who assigns value to words? Humans. Who rapes and ravages the meaning of our highest and most halcyon values? Humans. Likewise--who can triumph in the face of the most daunting odds? Humans!  But I see humans w/ the blood of God on their hands, and they have no idea. They just adorn the name God, like it is a badge to wear to notify other humans of how cool and righteous you are. Their meager Mind cannot formulate a concept of the profundity of God! 
Look: if you think it is cool to be a hippie, you probably have no idea what the counter-culture revolution actually meant to this country. If you think hippie means filthy lazy bum who doesn't want to work for his or her own share, you probably need to stop watching TV and journey inside what Brain you have left. As far as mind-control is concerned, become aware of the media you ingest. What you put in is what you get back--no wonder America is rampant w/ mediocrity!
Loud and clear: Hippie is Dead!