Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013

We will learn to work the fields,
give energy,
and energy yield.

I have heard the river call:

I am Power,
Hear me roar!

Be humbled by the verses writ

on sweet green grass, and
purplish ocher leaves.

Messages swim in the streams--

plant your heart in fertile soil,
bloom will Dreams!

Materials only mean

what we
assign to them.

The value of honesty

is inherent
in the deed.

In keeping w/ this theme (honesty), I have prepared a self-interview about the Sensual Parade. I have one chance on this earth, here's my perspective--here's my contribution to the cause. This is in the name of Progress.  We must prevail as one, or separations will result in continual turmoil.

-What is the Sensual Parade?

-As you know, there have been many ‘isms’ in Poetry. There have been many movements. The Sensual Parade is the next step in our journey. It is the perspective of my float. It is nothing I own, it’s just what I was given. I have the power and opportunity to create it in my own image.

-I see. So this is a process of becoming?

-Absolutely. This is about growth. This is about enduring the pain of growth to reach the peaks of your ambition. When you ascertain those heights, everything else dissolves, and you are purely ecstatic!
These poems are written in blood-letters. I guess I really like how Nietzsche says his works are for all and none. The Soul is Universal, but not everyone is aware of it. Potentially, his works, my works, are for everyone. But I think there is a consensus among eagles that we are made this way, and others are made that way. There is no rational explanation for the way Life unfolds. There is no grand answer to all the riddles of the world. Whether it is biology, or environment, or some supreme amalgamation of both of those forces combining to form who we are, we will never really know.

-So the Sensual Parade is about the ways to discover Soul?

-Yes. To quote Blake, “Man has no Body distinct from his Soul, for that called Body is a portion of Soul discerned by the five Senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age”.
I use my senses to reach that place which is truly ineffable. It is within, it is without. It is all around and nowhere at all. Whatever it is, it is the source of Life. Not just human life, but in general. Perhaps not everyone is supposed to be aware of that ultimate depth, but these poems are written for all those that are.
I don’t write for anybody but eagles.
I am not being pretentious, I am being honest. Some will mistake me for things that I am not, but I cannot see for them. I cannot shove perspective onto them. I am compelled to offer.
And besides, I cannot worry about those that mistake or misunderstand me. Those are not the ones that matter. The people around me that are kindred and dear are the reason I continue on. They are the reason I overcome the struggle. I don’t enjoy Life so much that I do this just to live. I do it to elevate my dear ones out of the muck. I do it to spread ecstasy and love. I do it because my life-force is inexhaustible, and I am a sanguine darling of this earth! I revel in the release of pain and pressure. And though sometimes I am wounded, my skin is blessed with sanguine resilience. I draw balm from a subterranean well.
This is for the lovers, the dreamers, the people that see beyond the cultural veil! Where you grow-up is not a boundary-line for your evolution. To become authentic you must relinquish ties to all things that do not nourish you, and give you the feeling—Yes! This is me!
When you do that, you are free. Nobody or nothing holds prominence over you. You could be a janitor or a president, but as long as you are in it wholly, you are king!

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