Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sea Shanty? No. This is a River Song...

Today's prompt was to write a sea-shanty. I'm from the mountains, and tho I've been to the ocean, I want to write Cuntry Rhymes. I followed the shanty's sense of rhyme and rhythm--quick couplets to sing while you work. This poem is purely for fun. If you don't enjoy writing the poem, how can you expect someone to enjoy reading it?

Now I’m smashing thru my every doubt one pen-stroke at a time.
I ink the page w/ my quill to record thoughts sublime.

If you care to dance this jig,
Head out on the floor!

And boys, bring the one ya love--
Don’t ya dare bring a whore!

Cause we want genuine people
And genuine fun.

Cuntry livin’
Is how it’s done.

I’m the idiot musician
Of the emerald river tribe.

I’ve got my sweet girl
Standin by my side.

It’s supposed to be fun--
You aren’t supposed to care.

You might as well be sittin in a barber’s chair,
Saying your evening prayer!

What if you never have fun?
What if nothing is there?

Sing a Song, Sing a Song--
Let worry fade into thin air.

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