Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Super Moon Music and River Festival
Check-out the link. I have yet to post on this event, but Elkhorn City is hosting the Super Moon Music and River Festival. The event was created to fund the Elkhorn City Community Garden. We are working towards making Elkhorn City a self-sustained community. More information is provided in the Mission Statement (penned by your humble narrator). A big word of appreciation and support goes out to Jared Hamilton for his initiative and tenacity in getting this done!!! Compelled am I to also mention Tim Belcher. His constant encouragement and guidance to the promising talents of EC is a life-changing asset to the individuals, and a vital component of Elkhorn City's progress and enhancement. I speak for the crazy artist's when I say: Thanks Tim!


Super Moon Music and River Festival is an upcoming extravaganza! All the proceeds from the event go directly to the Elkhorn City Heritage Council, which has initiated work on the Elkhorn City Community Garden. We want to bring good people and good times to Elkhorn City, but the Garden is our ultimate dream.
Elkhorn City Community Garden is working towards becoming a non-profit organization—working thru the Heritage council—created to spearhead the revitalization campaign for Elkhorn City. It is our vision for Elkhorn City to become a self-sustaining community. We have taken the initiative to start a garden to provide locally grown, fresh, natural, high-quality produce for the Elkhorn City community. We believe that Mountain culture is deeply rooted in the soil, and that perhaps we have forgotten our true heritage. We want to bring fresh food into the community, and offer opportunities to those who desire a connection w/ their planet, to dig in the dirt and cultivate that very relationship. Grow local. Eat local. Think local.
As you can see, our sustainability initiative revolves around locality. Elkhorn City is that location which we seek to enrich, and bring back to the abundant, plentiful form which is only natural for this community. By enriching the lives of those in our community, we enrich the earth. Only by taking care of where you’re from can you have the clean conscience to move-on, and spread the sustainability initiative around the globe. Support the garden, improve your diet, enrich your community, and change your world!

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