Sunday, April 21, 2013

The River Knows Ecstasy

Black gloss markings
shine in ceiling-fan light.

Who am I?

Question marks
crowd my Mind.

Stomach tightens
like a drum--

Hit me in the gut
& I'll hum
a visceral melody.

Orpheus Charm--
listen up & openly:

At the source of Life,
there is no separation.

There is one thing,
and it becomes many.

The possibilities of
what Life can become
are infinite.

Nature hath provided

I'll discern & report
the alchemy of the Poem
to the best of my ability.

Brothers & Sisters:
won't you join me in
Good Times!?!?

This is the fastidious freak,
Artemis Blithe!

Observe carefully,
but have fun.

There's no sense
in getting wound-up,
you'll just be undone.

It's sad that Cannabis
is called a drug.

It is quite possibly
the most medicinal thing on Earth.

Its effects are contingent
upon your current mood & motivations.

Some people are happy
playing video games.

I found acceptance.

I write so another human
can have the freedom to play
video games.
I mean to say:
do as you dream.

Not everyone has my biology or psychology.

Born an eagle,
taught to be a sheep.
Inside I wasn't meek,
but I acted to please.

There's only so long
you can charade--
I couldn't keep associating
w/ hypocrites.

I pulled-off the mask,
and sought my own spiritual path.

I became enamored w/ Zen.
So much so, that
lotus flowers
sprouted from my head.

I fell on hard times,
and lost track.

Jim Morrison, and
Nietzsche--I turned to next.

I became free and dangerous.
I went as wild as
my soundest rationale would allow.

Amor Fati!
My placard.

I forgot about everything.
I only cared for drinking whisky,
and reading philosophy--
I felt at home.
I found my kindred eagles, but
they were all dead and gone.

I enjoyed going to parties
w/ stale-as-year-old-bread
and showing them how to let go.

They did things big
in the city,
but they weren't as thoughtful.
They'd never seen a spectacle
w/ such substance.

They sure can drink and party,
but their callous shallowness
was hideous to witness.

I have always felt like
a shaman, or
a martyr.

Pain or Pleasure
are for the herd.
There is something greater!

Peel the layers back,
raw light and freedom remain.
Boundless energy, and Power.

My aim is ecstasy!--
The Ecstatic Revolution!

The Myth needs
a modern interpretation.

Forget the orgies--
we are not utilitarians.

We need to find
the one which makes us whole--
our Soul Symmetry.

I'm talking ex-static.
Instead of stagnate, flow.

Don't settle on an idea
because another human
tells you so.

If the music doesn't resonate
w/in you,
then you know it means nothing.
You must let it go, and
continue searching.

My head was weary from travel
until I found a home.
A sustainable lifestyle.

Nietzsche and Morrison
are my brothers,
but I am not them.
I cannot be them, nor act like them,
but only
learn from them.

Learn from me.
Follow these instructions:
Illuminate your skull
w/ what sets your world aglow.

For me,
it's Family.

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